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Short Stay Visa as a Remote Worker and other provisions

On the 7th of May, 2021, the President of the Republic of Panama signed the Executive Decree Number 198, which creates the Short Stay Visa as a Remote Worker and other provisions. y otras disposiciones.

Once obtained, it gives the holder the right to work remotely within the Republic of Panama, and the holder will not need to carry out additional procedures or obtain any permits from another state entity, either to work or reside in the country. 

Foreigners who meet the following requirements:
• Has a contract as an operator of a foreign company of a transnational nature; or is self-employed in the teleworking modality.
• Carries out functions that take effect abroad.
• Receives income from a foreign source and with an annual amount of no less than thirty-six thousand Panamanian balboas with 00/100 (B/.36,000.00), or its equivalent in foreign currency.

It is granted for a maximum of 9 months, extendable to 9 more months.

The Short Stay Visa as a Remote Worker is presented through a legal representative at the National Migration Service’s (SNM) Special Procedures Window of the SNM headquarters. The applicant must have accessed Panamanian territory to apply for this visa.
If the applicant is of a restricted nationality, they must first request an authorized visa, to later apply to this modality.

  • Power granted by the interested party (notarized).
  • Request by Legal representative.
  • Three (3) passport sized photographs of the applicant.
  • Duly collated copy of the applicant’s passport (notary or corresponding authority).
  • Applicant’s Criminal Record Certificate, duly legalized by Apostille or by the corresponding Consulate.
  • Applicant's Health Certificate.
  • Personal History Affidavit Form.
  • Payment to the SNM for US$ 250.00.
  • Short Stay Visa Application Form.
  • Copy of the Medical Insurance Policy that covers the applicant’s stay in the Republic of Panama (International).
  • Certification of existence of the foreign company.
  • Bank certification of income.
  • Freshly stamped bank statement showing remittance of funds and declared payments.

    • For Private Company Workers:

      • Letter from the company on letterhead and signed by the legal representative. It must include general information of the applicant; position and functions; monthly revenues that may not be less than US$ 3,000.00, or its equivalent in foreign currency; periodicity of the payments and that they come from a foreign source; declaration that it assumes the costs of repatriation of the applicant if necessary; and must confirm that the applicant is under the teleworking modality. The document, if it is issued abroad, must meet the requirements of authentication by Apostille or legalization by a consulate.

    • For self-employed or independent workers:
      • Certification of the company duly registered abroad.
      • Affidavit before a notary, that describes the business relationship with the clients it provides services to, including: the full name of the applicant, general information of the applicant and the clients, the services provided for the clients, the amount earned for the services offered, the origin of the funds and the periodicity of the payments received.

    National Migration Service (SNM)
    Website: Office: +507 520-1911
    Customer service number: +507 504-3580
    WhatsApp #MIGRAChat: +507 6005-0500.

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    (Last updated on April 25, 2023)