Women EmprendExport

It is part of the Program to Support the Strengthening and Modernization of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, which seeks to promote the national foreign trade policy, improve national exports and strengthen the export capacities of the different economic sectors of the country. 

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Change Life

It promotes the entrepreneurship of women from their social community environment, where the State, through the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development, provides them with the tools to achieve it. 

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Agro-Entrepreneur Woman

Program focused on empowering women who work in the countryside, so that their value and contribution in the agricultural production chain of Panama are recognized.   

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Bank of Opportunities

Program focused on entrepreneurship, informal businesses, micro and small businesses with an emphasis on projects aimed at women and young people with the aim of reducing unemployment, informality, increasing entrepreneurship and technical-economic support to this important sector of the economy.   

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Businesswomen Channel

Program that seeks to promote the favorable ecosystem for the entrepreneurship of SMEs managed by women in Panama. The network is made up of women who come together to potentiate their ideas. The City of Knowledge Foundation holds an annual meeting in which the business ideas with the greatest growth potential are selected, to join the acceleration program where they receive support to take their business to more competitive levels. 

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Regional business financing program for women

EWith this program, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) promotes the empowerment and economic autonomy of women, contributing to the development process and regional economic integration in terms of gender. 

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Women and Trade Program

The International Trade Center (ITC) through the Women and Trade Program aims to increase the participation of women entrepreneurs and producers in the global value chains and ensure that they obtain greater economic benefits from participating in international trade. 

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UN Women

The UN Women's initiatives focus on three priority areas of intervention, which they consider strategic to overcome common challenges in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean: women's political participation and leadership, women's economic empowerment, and eradicating violence against women and girls. 

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Connectamericas women

The Inter-American Development Bank platform that promotes the export capacity of businesswomen in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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