Official Missions 2021:

Texas Mission 

The mission´s objective is to streghten the strategic alliance. For this purpose, specific sectors that both Panama and Texas both have interest in.

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Peru Mission

As the Investment and Export Promotion Authority, PROPANAMA, we were invited by the Panamanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry that also received an invitation by the Chamber of Commerce of Lima to participate of this important commercial mission as facilitators to present the different advantages and incentives that our country offers to stablish the FDI of the Republic of Peru.  

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INTERMODA 75 Mission

We organized, coordinated and accompanied to the INTERMODA 75 mission, the  biggest fashion business exposition in Latinamerica, placed in Guadalajara Mexico, with the participation of 4 fashion designers and 3 accesories designers that were participating in 3 areas: Commercial, Trending and Fashion Space (Collection inauguration). This exposition gathers the best designers, distributors and buyers nationally and internationally. This event is realized twice a year and gathers in each edition approximately 14 countries, more than 25,000 people and 900 speakers.  

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Panama - Texas Business Summit 2021

The Panama - Texas Business Summit 2021 served as a meeting place for business and industrial leaders from Texas and Panama. The objective of the summit was to strengthen the already old and strong business connections and to facilitate the commercial exchange between private companies. The industries that the summit highlighted were: Agriculture, Banking & Investment, Specialty Coffees, Construction and Infrastructure, Clean Energy, Food and Beverages, Real Estate, Ports and Maritime Services, Technology and Tourism.  

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USA East Coast Mission (Washington – New York)

The mission´s objective was to promote the investment opportunities and incentives in Panama, to key potential investors for the development of sustainable projects in tourism, trade, infrastructure, digital and investment migration. Starting our activities in Washington DC, and finishing in New York.  

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Feria MACFRUT Fruit and Veg Professional Show

For the first time after the COVID-19 health crisis and following the new health regulations of the international community, PROPANAMA, in coordination with the Embassy of Panama in Italy, accompanied Panamanian companies in the 1st. commercial mission within the framework of the MACFRUT Fruit and Veg Professional Show that was held from September 7 to 9, 2021, in Italy – Rimini.  

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Athens Coffee Festival

Athens Coffee Festival is an event sponsored by the International Specialty Coffee Association and its Greek chapter, SCA Greece. The Specialty Coffee Association is a pan-European organization whose main objective is to educate and make the public and professionals aware of the quality of coffee and show the latest trends and developments in the area.  

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Citizenship Expo Abu Dhabi

PROPANAMA, the Investment and Exports Promotion Authority, was invited to participate as a country of honor in the prestigious Citizenship Expo Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. During the participation we had within our reach a business platform to attract potential investors, becoming an excellent opportunity to execute the investment attraction strategy and promote Panama as the ideal destination to settle. 

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Estrategia PROPANAMA EXPO2020 Dubái

Expo 2020 Dubai is a global showcase to connect with the world, in which 192 countries participate, as well as corporations, NGOs, academia and others. With the main theme: “Opening minds to change the future”, through three specific thematic areas: opportunity, sustainability and mobility; It gives us a unique opportunity to show our value-country proposal to attract investment and our exportable offer of goods and services, which allow us to do business that contributes to #recoveringbetter. Our country is participating in a private pavilion of 200m2, located in the mobility area, highlighting the impact of our country on the mobility of the world and its future plans.  

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OPEN HOUSE Conectando con Panamá: Bogotá - Colombia.

As the Investments and Exports Promotion Authority, we organized a commercial approach with distinguished businessmen from the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Chamber of the Pacific, unions and Colombian associations such as: (FENALCO) the National Federation of Merchants, ( ACOPI) the Colombian Association of Micro, Small and Medium Companies, (CCCE) Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, (FEDELONJAS) the Colombian Federation of Real Estate Markets, (ANDESCO) National Association of Public Services and Communications Companies of Colombia, (ANDI) National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia, (ASOBANCARIA ) Association of Banks and Financial Entities, (CAMACOL) Colombian Chamber of Construction, (ANALDEX) National Association of Foreign Trade, (CONFECÁMARAS) Colombian Confederation of Chambers of Commerce, (ASOFIDUCIARIAS) Fiduciary Association of Colombia, (SAC) Colombian Society of Farmers, (FITAC) Colombian Federation of Logistics Agents in International Trade and the National Trade Council.  

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Misión Oficial Emiratos Árabes Unidos, EXPO2020 DUBÁI.

Attend the invitation extended by Expo 2020 Dubai and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates to attend the National Day of Panama, on October 20 of this year. And take advantage of this opportunity to promote investment opportunities and the Panamanian exportable supply in the UAE.  

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Misión Oficial CONXEMAR, Vigo, España.

Conxemar (Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Transformers and Exporters of Fishery and Aquaculture Products) is consolidated as a fundamental union instrument in the frozen sector in Spain. The 244 associated companies that it represents together have an annual turnover of more than 9,000 million euros and 16,000 jobs.  

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Misión Oficial Fruit Attraction, Madrid, España.

Fruit Attraction is the global reference trade fair for the marketing of fruit and vegetables. Its ability to promote world exports in the sector makes it the commercial connection point for professionals who make up the entire value chain; in addition to having established itself as a framework for innovation in the fruit and vegetable market.  

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Misión Oficial Specialty Coffee, Nueva Orleans, U.S.A.

Panama, through the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), was present at the Specialty Coffee Expo 2021 that was held in New Orleans (NOLA) from October 30 to 3. The participation was through 10 exporting companies and producers of the Panamanian coffee sector. The meeting was guaranteed under all security measures for all attendees. PROPANAMA provided all companies with access to the expo, seminars and meetings, with the most important specialty coffee professionals from all over the region and the world.  

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Informe Panamá Fashion Week

Event in hybrid format that promoted the positive social impact on the area and its surroundings that are part of a neighborhood of low socioeconomic status. Its realization generated an activation in Calle 15, Santa Ana to turn it into a side pedestrian to the event venue allowing the development of games and workshops for children, in addition to the participation of seamstresses from Santa Ana, which culminated in a catwalk presented in the Plaza Saint Ana.  

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Informe Misión Multisectorial Panamá - México

In response to the terms of reference that contemplate the presentation of the Consulting Service for the Call for Buyers from Mexico within the framework of the Multisectoral Mission that took place from October 27 to 1, 2021, the participation report is presented and development of business agendas for Panamanian companies as well as conclusions and recommendations.  

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HERA Golf World, Travel Report, Panama Discovery 2021

Hera's vision is to promote and highlight women and their incredible strength, tenacity and creativity. We are working for the future of humanity.  

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Programa Integrado de Promoción Comercial y Desarrollo de Mercados de Exportación

The Integrated Program for Trade Promotion and Development of Export Markets, complies with the mandate established by the national government for the five-year period 2019-2024 through the Joining Forces Action Plan, which is reflected in the Strategic Plan of PROPANAMA, established to the same period.  

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“Connecting with Panama”, “Doing Business with Panama”

A business approach with distinguished Philadelphia and Chicago businessmen. These events took place in the city of Philadelphia from October 18 to 19, 2021 and in Chicago from October 20 to 21, 2021. 

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