The Mining Sector of Panama promotes environmental, social and economic development. To do this, it assumes and promotes the best practices and standards in relation to territories, communities, the environment, the productive system and the State, acting collaboratively to strengthen the institutional framework and become jointly responsible for the governance of its activity and impacts. 

The Mineral Resources Code (Decree Law 23 of 22 August 1963) is the regulation that governs metallic and non-metallic mining in Panama. 


The mineral deposits throughout the national territory are property of the State, they may not be object of private appropriation, but they may be granted in accordance with the conditions of the Mineral Resources Code.

Mining in Protected Areas, Projects for Sustainability.

  • The 76 protected areas of Panama total 2 million hectares equivalent to 25% of the total area of the country.
  • The 5 Indigenous regions total 1.7 million hectares corresponding to 21%