Virtual Fairs

The virtual fairs meet all the requirements to disseminate your projects and promote your image, implementing low-cost and high-impact strategies. PROPANAMA has its platform to hold virtual fairs, providing the following benefits: Opportunity to globalize your brand, opening to new markets, direct connection between suppliers and buyers, as well as real monitoring of visits to your Stand and the fair in general.

Benefits for visitors:

  • No complex registration processes.
  • Safe and immediate access.
  • Compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Availability 24 hours.
  • No congestion, no lines.
  • No visual or auditory contamination.

In general, the scope of a virtual fair is greater than in face-to-face fairs. The use of the Internet as a means of communication also makes it possible to reach people for whom visiting a fair is too expensive. Also international participants can visit the virtual fair quickly and easily.


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