We are the Export and Investment Promotion Authority of Panama. We promote our products and services offer in the international markets and attract investments that generates knowledge and technology transmission. We serve as facilitators and connection of opportunities to do business in Panama, improving the life quality of the Panamanians.


Panama is recognized as one of the most recognized investment and commerce centers, located in the heart of the Americas, which offers the corporative investors key-in-hand real state solutions, incentives, first-world logistics and digital infrastructure and decades of proved international business excellency.
There is an impressive collection of innovative multinationals and businessmen, all of them contributing to the vitality, the opportunities and the economic diversity of the country. See more
If you are a foreign investor and want to know more about the procedure to invest in Panama, you are in the right place. In PROPANAMA we will provide you all the information that you need to know. Contact us
Establish, reestablish or grow operations, whichever that is your scenario, Panama offers a great business climate which create the best solutions to your needs. Our tax incentives are within the best in the world, along with an excellent infrastructure and a stable politic. See more

There are multiples regimes in which your company can establish in Panama, one of them is the Free Trade Zones that offer many tax, migratory and labor incentives in order to promote the manufactory industry, logistics, educative and High-Tech, among others.

You can create your own Free Trade Zone or establish in one already created in our territory. You will be able to know more about them in the following link.

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Our country has the doors open to welcome your business, either to serve the Panamanian market or establish your operations for new markets in Latin America. In Panama, the foreign investors and their businesses have the same rights and obligations that the nationals, by law. In PROPANAMA we will support you to find the best way to establish in our country. See more


PROPANAMA promotes, internationally, the companies that have the products and services that already have the requirements accomplished to export.
  • Virtual or physical specialized events such as Business Wheels and Fairs in the main international markets.
  • Specialized forums for the preparations of many events.
  • PROPANAMAconnecta as a mechanism to establish commercial relationships.
  • Products catalogue to promote our export offer.
  • Advice to the companies for the introduction of their products or services in the new markets.
  • Coordination within the Embassies and Consulates the promotion of our export offer.
In our web, you can download or print the guide with the previous steps and a check list with the export procedures. To access this information, you can check the following link: See more
The requirements depend on the work area and the destiny country. Each market establishes different exigencies for the imported products and services. For more information, please refer to the following entities: National Direction of Exports – Ministry of Commerce and Industries In case of being an agricultural product, please refer to Agrobusiness Unit – Ministry of Agricultural Development.