Visita del Grupo NOAH (Newtork of Ocean Ambassadors Headquarters - ReGeneration) a Panamá

Leading group of the blue revolution to combat the climate emergency declared by the United Nations (UNWTO)

July 05-10, 2021

Panama July 15, 2021. The NOAH ReGen (Newtork of Ocean Ambassadors Headquarters - ReGeneration) business group dedicated to building platforms to adapt the Marine Ecosystem and save our oceans on a global scale, visited Panama with the objective of outlining new routes for the fulfillment of its mission: to find a "blue bond" to channel funds for the project mission "Empowering Ocean-Based Climate Solutions through Global Economic Growth".

Showing interest in our country by the NOAH Group means a great advantage that can be linked to the Tourism, Conservation and Research model recently implemented in Panama. The idea is simple, to start by setting up financial platforms, and then implement ESG platforms and organizations that comply with regulations so that we can later benefit from funds such as the Green Climate Fund, belonging to the United Nations.

The visit, which took place from July 5 to 10, was attended by the CEO, Frederick Degret, accompanied by the Head of Public Relations of Blue Tech NOAH, Lissando Menu Marque and José Luis Carmona, Director of Operations. They proceeded to conduct a tour that included areas of the City of Colon and a visit to the Presidency. The NOAH group's trip to Panama was planned in conjunction with the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP).

PROPANAMA was exclusively in charge of the logistics of the NOAH group's visit to our territory, organizing meetings with important entities such as the Superintendence of Banks, the Geoversity Foundation, MiAmbiente, the Maritime Authority, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; at the latter, meetings were held where topics were discussed to increase cooperation between both parties for participation in upcoming joint projects such as the following:

- The United Nations General Assembly

- Climate Week

- The 26th Summit in Glasgow

The essential idea of the NOAH holding is to invest in future actions involving the financial, tourism and maritime sectors to create a synergy that contributes to the country's economy while protecting the oceans globally. Panama, being a country surrounded by the sea, is a perfect location to raise projects that include the conservation of marine resources.

"To conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development", is a primary goal for our country and the relevance of this commitment lies in the importance of the oceans and marine resources for the health of the planet (they occupy three quarters of it and contain 97% of the water) as well as for the economy and food security of millions of people around the world.