Educational collaboration agreement signed with ITSE

Agreement launching the CRECE program

June 16, 2021

We participated in the signing of the educational collaboration agreement, where Microsoft Corporation joins ITSE to launch the CRECE program (Regulatory Agreement for specialized training and education) which will bring free virtual education to Panamanians in technological skills, in order to add value to their human capital and thus boost the growth of the economy. Over the next 5 years, the goal is to train up to 110,000 Panamanians and residents. Starting in September, Panamanians interested in taking training in technological skills will be able to apply online to join the program.

It will be possible to train up to 110 thousand Panamanians in technological skills such as: data analysis, IT Information Technology Management, Advanced Software Developer, Artificial Intelligence, among others.

The first phase of the program, which begins to operate as of this signing, includes the training of trainers, which will enable the training of ITSE instructors, who will be part of the professionals in charge of transmitting this knowledge to Panamanians and residents over 18 years of age interested in joining the program.

The agreement will provide ITSE with the e-learning tools required to host this curricular content, assist ITSE with curricular content and the necessary infrastructure to continue training Panamanians in 4.0 skills.