CAPATEC Breakfasts: Panama as a Digital Hub

Attracting new investment in the technology industry

June 29, 2022

·    The Panamanian Chamber of Technology-CAPATEC develops today June 29th its monthly breakfast under the theme Panama as a Digital Hub: How to attract investment in the technology industry, in conjunction with the Authority for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion-PROPANAMA, one of its strategic allies, and with the participation of special guests of high prestige.

Panama offers special attractions to intensive investments in the use of technology, especially telecommunications and data management, for being a zone practically free of natural disasters, through which pass eight (8) fibre optic cables that connect America with the Caribbean and Europe, from Panama. This allows us to provide virtually unlimited connectivity with between 90 and 100% of regional internet traffic, data transmission and international telephone traffic.

The General Administrator of PROPANAMA, Carmen Gisela Vergara in her presentation highlighted: "Panama is the ideal place for the establishment of investments that require storing or managing large volumes of information, such as the internet of things, blockchain or data warehouses; offering competitive advantages and investment regimes that facilitate the development of all types of economic activities in a safe and efficient manner. Today everything is just a click away, but consumers and entrepreneurs demand to have robust and efficient connectivity; and that is exactly what distinguishes our offer from others in the region."

While Javier Esteban Carrascón, CEO of Condé Nast Mexico and Latin America contributed that "Globalisation and digital acceleration have opened the door to a hyper-connected world, where connections are transformed from being between humans to include technology and machines; creating new ways of working and lifestyles, such as digital nomads or the emergence of new global hubs. All this, together with cross-cutting trends such as sustainability and decarbonisation, will continue to take shape over the next 30 years, completely changing the world as we know it today".

PROPANAMA coordinates national efforts to boost Panama's participation in the international economy, through sustainable investments with social impact and the export of high quality goods and services. Our mission is to make Panama the most productive, inclusive, digital and sustainable country.

The activity culminated with a discussion entitled: "Panama as a Digital Hub: Attracting New Investments in the Technology Industry", with the participation of Ambassador Carmen Gisela Vergara as moderator; Rabi Nathani from Redline Blockchain with his testimonial experience as a new investment in Panama, Diego Eleta, director of CAPATEC and Dr. Milena Gomez, director of ITSE.