Conference "How to rethink new trends and business strategies based on innovation to turn Panama into a Knowledge Hub".

Organized by EXMA Panama

May 25, 2022

In the framework of the conference "How to rethink new trends and business strategies from innovation to turn Panama into a Knowledge Hub", held by EXMA Panama at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama, the General Administrator of PROPANAMA, Ambassador Carmen Gisela Vergara, commented: "Undoubtedly the trained human resource is one of the most determining factors to attract high impact Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to our country, and events like this, contribute directly to promote knowledge, and support to position Panama as the ideal place for sustainable investments with social impact; they always have the support of PROPANAMA."

The educational and training aspect is the basis for this development and the transfer of knowledge. In this sense, Dr. Milena Gómez Cedeño, educational manager of the Instituto Técnico Superior Especializado (ITSE), said that "the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the challenges that education already had and now with the whole issue of e-learning and how it has changed the way of working, it also requires transforming the way we train and educate Panamanians".

"At ITSE we accepted the challenge of rethinking education to adapt it to the needs and challenges that Covid-19 has imposed on us. That is why we are initiating this process that will allow us to boost the quality of education and thus ensure the competitive human talent that the productive sector demands today," he added.

For his part, the Vice Minister of Culture, Gabriel González, highlighted that "EXMA is an excellent specialized platform with high-level exhibitors for the marketing industry, betting on the latest trends for the promotion of various industries, becoming one of the most influential in the region.

"We are sure that it will serve to promote cultural expressions, the development of new technologies for the benefit of culture, artists and their works, and for universal access to information and knowledge," said the official.

In order to continue establishing the country as a Knowledge and Development Hub, it is essential to take into account new trends in marketing and communication. In addition, it becomes key to work on a constant adaptation to the needs of users, considering the change in consumption after the pandemic and focusing on innovation and creativity.

In that sense, the CEO of EXMA GLOBAL, Fernando Anzures highlighted the role that the nation plays both regionally and globally: "Panama is currently presented as a Hub of Knowledge and Development and must continue on that path learning to take advantage of the new challenges presented by the convergence between physical and digital experiences".

"On June 22 and 23, we will hold EXMA Digital to discuss this concept and provide tools to enter this new world," he said. And he concluded: "Adapting to this Digital era will be key for the country to establish itself globally as a Hub of Knowledge and Development".