Challenges for Women in the context of International Trade


March 16, 2022

In order for our country to have a more inclusive business world, PROPANAMA held an interesting online discussion, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) - Panama, entitled: "Challenges of Women in the framework of International Trade". 

During this event, the efforts of women in the business world to improve the imbalances that arise in the face of gender inequality were also highlighted.

The main objective of this meeting was to share experiences with contemporary women leaders, who have faced the different imbalances that exist in the business system, both nationally and internationally. Highlighting the importance of educating the community of women who wish to export their quality products to other countries. 

For context, it is important to analyze that the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women, as agents of change and leaders in the development processes that affect their lives, is a prerequisite for the achievement of a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient world. 

The conference on women in international trade was led by Andrea Castaño de la Torre, Economic Policy and Private Sector Analyst of the UNDP Regional Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean. 

For the session our Secretary General, Ms. Lourdes Pérez, served as moderator and was in charge of introducing those in charge of giving the welcoming remarks, our General Administrator, Ambassador Carmen Gisela Vergara Más and Ms. Nellys Herrera Jiménez, Director of the National Institute for Women (INAMU).  

Laura Linares - Canal de Empresarias, Lic. Albina Vallarino - director of the program mujer emprende y exporta, Valeria Rosales Padilla - Programa In-pactamos BANISTMO, Priscila Detresno - CEO of Q-Cheff and Katia Serracin de Roner - CEO of Panama Gourmet Foods International Corp. 

Learning first-hand about the programs and grants that are currently being developed to assist women entrepreneurs, their scope and how easy it is to acquire them, demonstrated the effectiveness of holding events of this type. In addition, the testimonies of businesswomen who have already benefited from the use of these tools provide excellent support to all Panamanian women who decide to venture into the business world. 

According to statistical data, 50% of Panama's population are women, who have the capacity to form ideas and actively participate in the labor market, either independently or by including them in companies. For this reason, the fight against gender inequality and empowerment is a fundamental part to continue motivating them and giving them a start in the commercial world.