The first of several international investment events

February 17-19, 2022

In collaboration with entities of the real estate sector in Panama, the event entitled "WE ARE LIVING FOR COLOMBIA" was held in Panama City on February 17,18 and 19 of this year, becoming the first international investment event and is specifically designed to attract the Colombian market to Panama.

The essential objective was to strengthen and serve as an investment channel for Colombians wishing to settle and/or obtain Panamanian residency. The following institutions made appearances in the program:

Embassy of Panama in Colombia.

Embassy of Colombia in Panama.

PROCOLOMBIA - Entity in charge of promoting Tourism, Foreign Investment in Colombia, Exports and the image of the country.

FEDELONJAS - Colombian Federation of Real Estate Auction Boards that groups more than 40,000 real estate agents.

AFYDI - National Guild dedicated to the development of real estate activity in Colombia.

CAPAC - Panamanian Chamber of Construction.

ACOBIR - Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Developers.