Dubai WoodShow

The most popular destination for wood specialists from all over the world

March 15-17, 2022

The First Trade Mission of Teak Exporting Companies, coming from the commercial reforestation sector of Panama, participated in the Dubai fair that took place from March 15 to 17, 2022, and served as a platform for the official launching of the PANAMA TEAK brand.

Panama's main objective was to highlight the high quality of our teak and the volumes available for shipment throughout the year, while at the same time making official the launching of the aforementioned brand.

For the first time, the Panamanian government, through the Investment Attraction and Export Promotion Authority "PROPANAMA", facilitated the participation of the country's certified commercial plantation sector and some members of the National Association of Reforesters as a country product in the 17th edition of the Dubai International Wood & Wood Machinery Show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We were able to connect with potential buyers and distributors from countries such as:  United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Russia, USA, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and from Europe (Italy, Portugal, England, France, Turkey and Romania) and Japan.

In addition to profitable approaches, direct purchase intentions and brand positioning in the Middle East.   The closing of the event was given with an approximate of 8 million dollars, in the positive case that all the companies will achieve the sales closings taking into account that their harvest is about to end and the processing plant is not yet operational.

PROPANAMA, through its Export Department, promoted the fusion of high quality products, such as the renowned Geisha coffee in capsules, bottled water products and Panamanian wood, to highlight the highest quality of its exportable offer.

The participating companies expressed their satisfaction and the effect of new connections, demonstrating the achievement of the objectives initially proposed for this mission.

High sales intentions were achieved for all the companies, including coffee and water, which will be followed up in the short term with the sector.

Dubai WoodShow is the only trade fair in the region that shows the entire spectrum of the forestry sector in the sale of wood in all its presentations, technologies applied to wood, carpentry and commercial projects, allowing producers and members of the value chain of this sector to present their products, services and make strategic alliances with commercial distributors.

PANAMA TEAK, contributing with the international promotion, establishing long-term commercial relationships, making known the different products, services and the new high performance and precision processing plant of our exporters.

The capacity of Panamanian companies to export large quantities of teak, through the more than 31,600 hectares already certified, was demonstrated.

The event consolidates the main destination in the Middle East and its surroundings for the business of woodworking machinery, carpentry, accessories and wood-related components.

In this sense, PROPANAMA fulfills the objective of promoting the exportable supply in international markets, through strategic allies, and facilitating the introduction of companies in new market niches in the Middle East and its surroundings to strengthen trade relations, development of new employment opportunities, boosting economic growth in rural areas, which generated a positive impact on the national gross domestic product.

The companies that participated in this experience: