The Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes offers of international scholarships on its platform, with a wide variety of educational offerings and study modalities

Through its e-learning portal, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries offers training on the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard that is available to companies affiliated with the portal in order for them to know the benefits they receive by incorporating it into their business strategy

The Ministry of Agricultural Development on its website offers its catalogue of virtual trainings, conferences and technical update events for the Panamanian production sector.

The National Institute of Vocational Education and Training for Human Development (INADEH), is the governing body of the State in professional training matters, job preparation and training in business management; in their digital platform, you will be able to speed up the registration process for the programs, courses and seminars that INADEH offers nationwide

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean offers its member countries its training portal aimed at technical officials and decision makers from public administrations, but may include experts from the academic world and opinion trainers in civil society

PROPANAMA through its platform offers access to the ConnectAmericas Academy for registered users to strengthen their business skills and consolidate their knowledge in foreign trade and value chains.

The Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA, per its Spanish acronym), through its Center of Studies on Economic Integration (CEIE, per its Spanish acronym)), offers training on topics related to the Central American economic integration process and the training of regional human capital to promote the development of Central America

Pymes Latinas Grandes Negocios was created by the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) to integrate into a single platform, tools designed especially for our regional SMEs, which aims to directly address their needs and enhance their participation in intra-regional trade

The Latin American Association of Service Exporters frequently organizes trainings, webinars, forums to which you can have access by visiting its calendar of events.

The Instituto Técnico Superior Especializado (ITSE) arises as a contribution to the improvement of the educational system, being an attractive educational offer, in which students who have completed their secondary education or high school, have the opportunity for personal fulfillment, with a professional and technical education based on quality, inclusive and responsive to growth and economic development.

The National Government and Coursera join forces to offer free virtual courses to more than 250,000 Panamanians affected by COVID-19. There are more than 3,800 courses and specializations. 250,000 places with free certification. Get Free Training!

A training platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is designed exclusively for the training of entrepreneurs and microenterprise entrepreneurs. It offers unlimited access for you to be part of the culture of innovation that generates new businesses and productive jobs. .