Special regime created for the establishment of Multinational Headquarter (MHQ), companies that operates as a foreign company registered in Panama or as a Panamanian company owned by a transnational company.

Its objective is to provide services to its parent company or subsidiary in other countries.




  • Logistics.
  • R+D
  • Electronic processing and consolidations of business group operations.
  • Construction and design.
  • Financial Management, for Companies/BPO.
  • Internal technical assistance, advice and coordination of marketing and advertising.
  • Administrative Direction of Regional Operations.


  • Legal Stability of the investments referred to in Law 54 of 22 July 1998 and Executive Decree No. 9 of 22 February 1999.
  • Reduced rate: 5% Income Tax in the Republic of Panama for services rendered.
  • The services provided do not cause ITBMS if they are provided to the business group abroad.
  • Permanent visa (5 years) for foreign executives in permanent positions and their dependents.
  • Permanent residence for the permanent staff of the SEM Company. 
  • 3-month visa for foreign technical personnel hired for short periods for SEM company projects.
  • SEM licensed companies can hire foreign executives they deem necessary for administrative positions.
  • Income Tax Exemption, if the salary comes from a foreign source for foreign personnel.
  • Tax exemption for the introduction of household items and vehicles for personal use of permanent foreign workers, however, the sales tax must be paid.


Multinationals established in Panama since 2007.


Jobs generated.

US $8,800+

Million Invested.