Permanent Resident as a Qualified Investor.

Program with the objective of stimulating economic reactivation by attracting high net worth investors.

The investors will receive a permanent residence in Panama by making an investment with foreign origin funds in the following concepts, which is maintained for a minimum of 5 years.



The National Government stablished a program for Permanent Residency for Qualified Investors that, for the first time, will allow the interested ones to apply from abroad. 

Which means, that they can make their investment from abroad, by a local lawyer and finish the process once in panamanian territory. 

The investors can apply to the permanent residency by the following options:

Inmobiliary Investment:

The purchase or Buy-Sell contract of a finished or In-Construction inmobiliary property of $300,000.

In October 2022, the investment would be of $500,000.

Fixed Deposit Investment:

Exemption from taxes and import duties on materials, goods and services required for the operation.

Developers are exempt from income tax on lease and sublease.

Brokerage House Investment:

One or many investments for a minimun of $500,000.