We are the Export and Investment Promotion Authority of Panama.

PROPANAMA develops and implements strategies to attract investment and promote exports that contribute to the economic and social development of the country. We coordinate with the institutions of the Board of Directors, the organized private sector and the foreign service, the promotion of our offer of diversified products and services with added value in international markets; as well as the attraction of sustainable investments with social impact that generate knowledge and technology transfer, which contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of Panamanians.


Promote Panama's opportunities and competitive advantage in international markets, as well as Panama's exportable production.


Contribute to the development of a productive, inclusive, digital and sustainable country through the promotion of exports and the attraction of foreign direct investment. 


Promote Panama's productive, competitive, inclusive and sustainable growth by implementing a National Strategy, developed in collaboration with all sectors, applying innovative practices and new technologies to attract sustainable and socially beneficial investments and promoting exports that contribute to the creation of decent jobs and the improvement of Panamanians' quality of life.

Institucional Values

PROPANAMA'S institutional values are centered on all its employees being empowered by the institutions's values and thus contributing to improving and promoting the country's image around the world, as well as attracting potential investors, investment, and export projects through a prepared and empowered team. 

Statement of Values

At PROPANAMA we create a culture of transparency and integrity, by working together as a team and always joining forces to ensure that the Authority facilitates business for the economic and social development of all Panamanians. 

Cross lines: 

We rely on four  transversal axes to work on our 2022-2024 Strategy, which are taken from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Authority Law, and the Governmet Plan, all of wich are essential for our country's growth and development. 

  • Productivity: We will make every effort to incorporate technological advancements into our services while also encouraging investments which include technology transfer and improve the country's productivity.
  • Sustainability: foster economic growth that provides equitably distributed wealth for all while preveting environmental destruction.
  • Inclusion: We strive to ensure that each of the players involved in the Authority's services has an opportunity to participate in and contribute to the building of a better Panama while also benefiting from the process. 
  • Innovation: It is a commitment to conduct new measures in support of the sectors that benefit from our work.