PROPANAMA, as part of the services offered to the exporter to promote the Panamanian exportable offer, accompanies and supports the companies in the participation at international fairs and business rounds, both physically and virtually, these activities are a fundamental part to link the offer of our products and services with the international demand. The virtual fairs and business rounds have been an excellent alternative for companies due to the impossibility of traveling because of COVID-19, this has allowed us to continue promoting the products and services that Panama offers to the world and has also managed to diversify products and markets. To achieve this objective, PROPANAMA has promotion platforms, a website and social networks .

Benefits of Virtual Events

In practice we have detected different benefits of virtual events such as:  

  • The conversion rate of virtual fair ranges between 20% and 30%, the investment in advertising is 80% lower than that of a face-to-face fair. 
  •  The costs for exhibiting companies are approximately one third of those at an event. 70% of the companies that have attended a physical fair say they would attend a virtual one.
  • LOW COSTS. Investment 10 times less than a physical fair.
  • GREATER GEOGRAPHICAL SCOPE. Increase the potential number of attendees.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY. Effectiveness in contacts, available 24/7. 
  • PUBLIC TARGETED OBJECTIVES. It allows segmenting advertising and attraction of visitors. 
  • Video storage as an online consultation and educational tool. 

Special Recommendations to Participate in Virtual Events

  • It is important that you complete your profile on the platform on which the activity is carried out, because the more complete it is, the more opportunities you have to do business; add your catalogue of products and services in English and Spanish, your logo, webpage, social networks and all the information that is of interest to the buyer or business partner. 
  • Remember to sign up for the other virtual business communities that are available to you, such as REDCA and PROPANAMAconecta and others that offer different agencies and allow you so much that companies are interested in your products or services or that you can contact them.
  • Enter the events with a broad view, being a business roundtable, business meetings or Forums you can find buyers, suppliers, distributors, or an investment partner for your business.
  • • From the moment you register you can enter the platform and review the companies of interest and request the meetings, be proactive, do not wait until the last minute or that the companies are the ones who contact you. The recommendation is to enter every day to see the new companies that have been registered.
  • Improve your virtual exhibition, have a presentation ready that indicates the solution that your product or service offers, the factor that makes your product different from the competition’s products, the structure of your workforce and, if possible, the testimony of a client.
  • Verify that the device you will be using for meetings is working properly, for example, the microphone which is essential.
  • Check beforehand that the connection and link are working properly, if possible do a test.
  • Be on time with your business appointments, which is part of the image as an entrepreneur. Remember that we have a time difference with the countries with which we are doing the business roundtable so it is important that you take it into account.
  • • Appointments generally have a predetermined duration, but you don't need to use all that time, this will depend on the meeting.

Business Roundtables

  • Reservation space for business appointments by segment, category or industry.
  • Connection and direct contact with suppliers and buyers in thematic rooms.
  • • Development of appointments and exchange of V-cards in real time.
  • Exchange of business information.
  • Real and structured networking (B2B).