Ministerio de la Presidencia

Ministry of the Presidency

Entity responsible for coordinating the functions of the State and being the Communication Body for the President of the Republic and the Cabinet Council, with other Public Sector Institutions and individuals in general.

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National Customs Authority

State Entity responsible for facilitating world trade, collecting taxes efficiently, participating in national security and promoting the sustainable development of the country.  

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Panama Aquatic Resources Authority

Entidad responsable de promover el uso sostenible de los recursos acuáticos para lograr un aprovechamiento óptimo y racional que permita su conservación, renovación y permanencia, de manera que sigan generando empleos y bienestar a la población.

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                              Ministry of the Foreign Affairs

Government entity in charge of the Internatiional Relations and foreign policy of the Panamanian State.

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Government  Innovation Authority

Entity in charge of developing and promoting new technological solutions for the modernization of the State and the digitalization of government services; increasing transparency in the public management and streamlining government processes, as well as the country´s competitiveness.

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Culture Ministry

Entity responsible for the administration of the centers dedicated to teaching artistic expressions, organization of competitions, literary scolarships, preventing the illegal traffic of archaeological pieces, the conservation of monumental sets and property declared national historical monuments, among them, those declared by UNESCO a Wolrd Heritage Site.

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