PANAMÁ DIGITAL HUB is the strategy for the Development of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Sector for the next 10 years, whose main objective is for Panama to be a Digital Innovation Center.

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Advantages of Panama:

·      Transit of the 7 most important fiber optic cables in America.

·     Google will implement the Curie cable that will allow us to become the Digital Hub of Latin America and attract more digital investment to promote job opportunities for young people in careers such as programming, cyber security and Fintech.

·     Google: Panama has the greatest potential in Latin America to become the Digital Hub.

·      We are a natural destination to house the data of large companies and governments thanks to the legal framework that protects data privacy.

·     Multilateral studies indicate that Panama should create an Internet Exchange Point (IXP). Source: ECLAC.

·      Savings of up to 38% of interconnection costs in all of Latin America.


Training of human resources for the Industry 4.0.

Amazon Web Services certifications for programming. 


Panama's technological structure is strengthened with:

- Interoperability platforms

- Investigation and development

- Google Curie submarine cable

- Internet Exchange Point (IXP).  (IXP).

Legal Framework

Creation or modification of laws necessary to promote and encourage the use of technology, attraction of companies and research and development:

- SEM Law

- EMMA Law

- Data Protection Law

- Fintech Law

Panama has the fastest broadband download times in Central America.
Panama, which seeks to position itself as a Technological Innovation of Knowledge and Innovation Hub, has a robust infrastructure.
Panama has Executive Decree 455 to promote the Development of the Digital Economy and Support for the Panama Digital Strategy Hub.

Digital Government Projects::

  • Digitalization of State procedures
  • Digital Wallet
  • Single Portal
  • Payment gateway
  • Electronic Signature
  • Electronic invoice