The members of the City of Knowledge have everything they need on campus to develop their business, entrepreneurship, training, research, creative or institutional activities.

The City of Knowledge creates an environment of well-being for people and the community, promotes sustainable urbanism and the conversation of historical heritage, and wants to be a laboratory of innovation for social change. 


  • Biosciences and Technology.

  • R+D and product Innovation.

  • Education and Human Development.

  • Creative Industries.


    • ITBMS exemption and of all taxes, contributions, rates or import duties on machines, equipment, furniture, vehicles, artifacts and supplies necessary for the development of companies accepted in the City of Knowledge.
    • Exemption from taxes, fees, duties or charges on money remittances abroad.
    • Its activities, operations, transactions, procedures, and transfers of movable and immovable property will be 100% tax free.
    • The companies affiliated to the City of Knowledge are empowered to hire the international personnel necessary to carry out their tasks.
    • Special visas for foreign personnel entering the country to assist in the development of the project. Infrastructure and other benefits.

    Infrastructure and other benefits

    • Telecommunications, IT and educational technology services, including a high-tech smart center.

    • Sustainable community with a high quality of life.

    • Access to the main centers of higher education and scientific research in the country.