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For more information about Panamanian coffee:

High altitude coffee

In Panama there are unique growing conditions that allow producers to grow high quality varieties, such as Catuai, Caturra, Maragogype, Pacamara and Mundo Novo, among others. However, currently, Panama is mainly associated with one variety above all others: Geisha. This is one of the most important agricultural products of the Panamanian highlands; the farms are mainly located in Boquete, Volcán-Candela and Renacimiento.

Robusta Coffee

Also known as lowlands, it is grown in Coclé, Veraguas, Colón, Western Panama (Capira) and the Ngobe Buglé Region, it is exported in green bean or golden coffee ready to be roasted.


The "fine or aromas" type of cocoas from Creole and the "ordinary or day-to-day" types from foreign cocoas are distinguished. The Panamanian cocoa is 85% organic and obtained the certification of the International Cocoa Organization of 50% as a producer of fine or aroma cocoa that places the product in a privileged position at an international level. The cocoa farms are mainly located in Bocas del Toro, the Ngobe Buglé region and Costa Arriba in the Colón Province.


The offer of Panamanian artisan chocolate is growing, these chocolates contain high cocoa percentages that reach up to 90% and highlight the characteristics of Panamanian cocoa that it is of the highest quality.


(Last updated on June 27, 2023)