Law No. 196 of 2021 creates the special regime for the establishment of operating and development of Agropark companies and dictates provisions for their operation.



Market intelligence.

  • Promote the country brand with the support of the Panama Export programs (MICI-PROPANAMA).
  • Technical assistance to producers to identify markets and comply with Global-Gap certification standards. 

Technology and Innovation

  • Research and Development (R&D) will be promoted, with the participation of national and international scientific centers.

Credit and tax incentives.  

  • The producers will have access to financing funds through the National Bank of Panama.
  • Investment companies will have a 50% reduction in Income Tax for 5 years. 


  • It is expected to incorporate 20,000 hectares, with an investment of B /. 700 million, generating an economy of 1,000 million a year. 

  • Generation of 100,000 direct jobs at a rate of 5 jobs per hectare.